The American Rescue Plan

Using ARPA Funds to Advance Digital Equity

Computer Ownership - Essential to Digital Equity

Funding provided by the American Rescue Plan, coming soon to cities and states, may be used to support device ownership and digital inclusion deployment activities.

Digitunity is uniquely positioned to help.

The digital divide is deep.

36 million Americans don’t have a computer. This affects their ability to work, attend school, access healthcare, and much more.

Computers are critical.

Our nationwide network and 36 years of experience are uniquely positioned to help provide connected devices to residents in your community.

In partnership with our Digital Opportunity Network Members, we provide:

Device Ecosystem Design and Implementation

  • Distribution, logistics and deployment support
  • Partner and relationship development and  management
  • Workforce development integration
  • Cybersecurity awareness
  • Digital skills training 

Supply Chain for Free/Low Cost Computers

  • Sourcing and distribution of devices
  • Device refurbishing and technical support
  • Secure data wiping | destruction services
  • Donation logistics coordination 
  • Corporate social responsibility programs 
  • Environmental sustainability benefits
  • Community engagement | device donation drives

For More Information

Drawing from a national network of 1,500 nonprofit practitioners and an alliance of 85 nonprofit computer refurbishers working to close the digital divide, Digitunity can help provide solutions to advance digital equity in your community.

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