In Pursuit of Digital Equity

Everyone who needs a computer should have one. No one should be left behind.

Owning a Computer is the Foundation of Digital Equity

 Device ownership is critically important to being able to thrive in the modern economy. For many adults, computers are the lifeline to economic security. For students, computers are essential for virtual education and homework assignments. They allow children to prepare for a future demanding computer proficiency, research skills, and global understanding. Yet, 36 million people in America do not have a computer at home. 

Digitunity and its predecessor organization have worked in the digital inclusion space since the 1980s, connecting donors of technology with organizations serving marginalized individuals in need. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted since the effort’s inception. Today, we lead a national strategy to eliminate the technology gap at scale. We are eager to partner with local, state, and national organizations to share our expertise and work together to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one.

Novelty & Network

While many national organizations focus on digital equity, Digitunity is one-of-a-kind. There is no other independent, national-scale organization committed to technology reuse and advancing device ownership as a critical element of digital equity.   

Digitunity is unique due to national Network of 1,500 member organizations, a constellation of community-based practitioners who serve constituents across America. It is through these organizations that the most marginalized people can be reached and a pathway to device ownership can be established.  

Learn More & Arrange a Meeting

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