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Solutions that involve the focused use of technology resources can help close the significant gaps of the digital divide.
- Dr. yvette Marrin, co-founder

Leading a National Strategy

Device ownership is the heart of digital equity and the key to unlocking opportunity. Digitunity has been working to get computers to those in need since the mid-1980s, placing hundreds of thousands of computers since our founding. However, the depth and persistence of the technology gap and the urgency of the need drove us to attack the issue in a bold new way. 

Landscape research conducted in 2020 by Digitunity and Collective Mind identified a need for a comprehensive national strategy to address device ownership. With a proven body of work and a national network of member organizations already in place, Digitunity is rising to meet this challenge. And we won’t stop until everyone is included and all barriers that limit opportunity to participate in our digital society have been removed. We will:

  • Listen. Acknowledge those most negatively affected by the technology gap. Identify causes and solutions. Uncover and showcase examples of local impact. Spread success. Innovate. Keep learning and sharing.
  • Unite. Align a cross-sector network of people fighting to eliminate the technology gap, to connect, share, and take action both nationally and locally. This is a problem that can only be solved collectively. Establish a one-stop innovation and information hub, where problems meet solutions.
  • Advocate. Work with urgency and build a new narrative. Spur national conversation and build widespread support for solutions that eliminate the technology gap and achieve device ownership. Drive policy change. Strengthen technology refurbishers and work with manufacturers to expand supply of no-cost and low-cost devices, targeting marginalized populations.
  • Disrupt. Work not towards one-off solutions, but systemic change. Spark disruption through the development of sustainable pathways to device ownership and digital equity, for today and the future. Work where others are not and build meaningful partnerships with like-minded organizations to truly ensure that anyone who needs a connected computer has one, along with the skills to use it productively.

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