Bridging the Homework Gap in Pittsburgh

As part of Digitunity’s partnership with AT&T and their $2 billion commitment to bridge the digital divide, including the homework gap, Computer Reach was selected to participate in our 10 City Pilot Project to provide over 2,000 refurbished computers and technology support to Pittsburgh families by July 2023.

About Computer Reach

Computer Reach makes technology available to people in need through refurbished equipment, digital literacy training, and support. Serving local, national, and international communities, they envision a computer literate world where the benefits of technology are shared by all. Learn more about Computer Reach and its work here.

How Your Business Can Help

To fulfill the backlog of requests from families in the Pittsburgh area for computers, training, and ongoing support, your business can:

  • Donate new or used laptop or desktop computers.
  • Invest financially.
  • Facilitate employee involvement through volunteering, financial contributions, and personal device donations.
  • Join other businesses in signing Digitunity’s Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide.

Join the Effort Today

If you’d like to support this work, please complete the form on this page. We will contact you with further details about how to get involved. We appreciate your interest in helping to ensure families in your area have the tools and skills they need to thrive

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