Board Application

Thank you for your interest in the Digitunity Board of Directors.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Digitunity Board of Directors. The organization’s Governance Committee, led by Chairman Jeremy Hegle, is tasked with recruiting, vetting, and nominating candidates for the Board of Directors.

You can find more information on Digitunity, the role of Board Members with our organization, and more by downloading our Board  information kit.


Submit Your Application

If you are ready to be considered as a candidate for the Digitunity Board of Directors, please complete our short online application form below. 

Board Application

Please complete and submit this brief form and upload your current resume. We will be in touch thereafter to arrange for a time to connect.

Why are you interested in Digitunity? *
Do you have current or previous board service, leadership, or volunteer experience? If yes, please list organization, committees, and dates of service.  *
How will Digitunity benefit from your service? *
Are you willing to serve on committees, workgroups, or task forces? *
Can we expect you to attend Board meetings regularly? *
Would you be able to make an annual financial contribution or introduce the organization to those who can? *
If you join the Board, will you agree that you can provide at least 2-4 hours per month in service to the organization? *
Are you willing to disclose, if applicable, any conflicts of interest in your participating on the Board? *

Have more questions?

If you have more questions and would like to speak to someone, please contact Scot Henley, Executive Director.

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