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A Trusted Partner With a Unique Body of Work

Everyone who needs a computer should have one. Owning a computer is the foundation of digital equity. The persistent gap in device ownership across America is wide. However, a solution is truly within reach.

More than ever before, funding conditions, public sentiment, corporate awareness, and community engagement are all aligning to make systemic change possible. Digitunity is uniquely suited to help.

For States, Municipalities, & Coalitions

While many states, cities, and community coalitions are adept at getting residents access to low cost internet, digital skills training, and basic support, a comprehensive solution for free or low-cost devices is either too complex to develop or simply an afterthought.

Sourcing and buying computers for low-income residents is a stopgap measure at best. Forward-thinking communities know a long-term solution is systemic in nature, not transactional. Digitunity can help states, cities, and coalitions create lasting solutions to expand device ownership.

Our team of experts can help inform local efforts, consult on digital equity plan design, and implement key components to ensure a steady supply of free or low-cost devices is available through a distribution system that reaches residents most in need.

Digitunity as Information Provider

Trusted Resource

Got a question? We can help. Digitunity’s team is happy to speak with state and local officials, coalitions, and community groups to discuss the key elements of a sustainable device ecosystem. Contact us here.

Helpful Publications

Digitunity has produced a number of one pagers, infographics, articles, blog posts, and reports that can help educate and inform. You can find these on our resource hub here.

Digitunity as Advisor

Advisory Services 

Leveraging four decades of experience and its unique national lens, Digitunity is being engaged by communities and philanthropies to help guide local and regional efforts to expand device ownership. We can help you reach your goals. To learn more, contact us here.

Assessment & Recommendations

Digitunity can work with states, cities, and coalitions to perform an assessment of the current device ecosystem, ranging from an analysis of business community engagement, availability of refurbished devices, connectedness of community-based organizations, and systems of distribution.

From there, Digitunity can produce an assessment report with a thorough analysis of the existing device ecosystem and make recommendations for steps to take to develop and codify a sustainable device ecosystem that makes free or low-cost computers readily available for residents. To set up an exploratory call, contact us here

Digital Equity Plans 

States and territories must develop and implement digital equity plans over the next several years, providing a historic opportunity to leverage federal funds to expand device ownership. Devices cannot be an afterthought.

Digitunity can help states, municipalities, and coalitions develop solutions that bring together key stakeholders, ensure ongoing access to a robust supply of devices, and establish a distribution system to reach those most impacted by the digital divide.  To learn more, contact us here

Digitunity as Implementation Partner

Device Ecosystem Methodology

Leveraging work Digitunity has already done in a dozen cities in America, Digitunity can work together with community stakeholders to implement all of the key elements of a sustainable device ecosystem. That includes increasing the supply of free or low-cost computers in communities, building awareness of technology reuse, driving business and government engagement, strengthening relationships among community-based organizations, and developing a clear pathway for individuals and families to obtain devices and related supports. To learn more, contact us here.

Dedicated Staff

An independent, national-scale organization dedicated to advancing digital equity through expanding device ownership, Digitunity’s unique position in the landscape gives it the ability to see the big picture and also create local impact. The Digitunity team stands ready to join forces with cities, states, and coalitions to develop and deploy a sustainable device ecosystem that supports residents. To set up an exploratory call, contact us here.

For Companies

Digitunity helps companies leverage their previously used technology to support the communities in which they operate.

From small and medium local businesses to complex, multi-location global corporations, Digitunity works as a high-touch partner to find the most appropriate community organizations to support and to facilitate the donation of technology.

Technology Donation Placement

Recipient Vetting

On an ongoing basis, Digitunity vets nonprofit organizations interested in receiving donated technology. This work ensures recipient organizations within the Digital Opportunity Network are in good standing with the IRS and have a mission that aligns with advancing digital equity. For more information, please contact us.

Donation Matching

With each corporate or institutional donor, Digitunity explores the needs of the donor, the scale of the donation, and the complexity of logistics. Then, we match the donation to the most appropriate recipient organization. This “corporate concierge” service makes it simple for both corporate donors and recipient organizations to participate. For more information, please contact us.

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Strategy


Digitunity can help companies not only make an impact in their communities by donating technology, but also capture data and stories that map a company’s social and environmental impact goals. For more information, please contact us.

Targeted Impact

Organizations within the Digital Opportunity Network serve low-income people, students, veterans, older adults, people with disabilities, and other marginalized populations.

If a company would like to help a specific group by donating technology, Digitunity can scan its network to find the ideal recipient organizations to achieve the desired impact. For more information, please contact us.

Employee Engagement

Technology & E-Waste Drives

Digitunity can help companies involve employees in the work of digital inclusion by setting up an employee technology donation drive. Digitunity’s network of nonprofit refurbishers can be engaged to conduct a one-time local drive, a multi-city national event, or anything in between. For more information, please contact us.

Volunteer Opportunities

Companies wishing to engage employees in volunteer opportunities related to digital inclusion can work with Digitunity to find host organizations, specific projects, or special events to take part in. For more information, please contact us.

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