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Digitunity is driven by the pursuit of digital equity. To expand device ownership nationwide and effectively leverage the massive federal broadband investment, Digitunity actively supports states, cities, and coalitions on the development and implementation of sustainable device strategies.

Expert Guidance on Creating and Implementing Device Strategies

Partner with us to unlock the potential of the federal broadband investment. Digitunity stands at the forefront of closing the “device gap” that affects 36 million Americans, employing a strategic approach to developing and implementing device-related initiatives during this critical five-year period.

As an independent, systems-level actor, Digitunity offers a comprehensive portfolio of device strategy and implementation services tailored to each client’s unique objectives, all aimed at achieving digital equity. Digitunity’s holistic approach is based on its Methodology for a Sustainable Device Ecosystem.

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Types of Engagements

Digitunity has extensive experience and unique expertise in device strategy, and understands that no strategy can be a one-size-fits-all approach. For this reason, Digitunity offers several types of engagements tailored to each client’s specific landscape, budget, and circumstances. 

Engagements can be set up as targeted short-term efforts or multi-year, comprehensive contracts. We align to clients’ unique goals seamlessly, whether it’s providing tools and resources for their initiatives, joining forces for collaborative development and implementation, or full outsourced project management.

Plan Review and Analysis

Digitunity leverages its comprehensive subject matter expertise and a broad national perspective to conduct in-depth reviews of digital equity plans. Employing a holistic approach to device strategy, our thorough analysis pinpoints strengths and identifies gaps, offering tailored actionable guidance.

Start-up Support

With our start-up support, you can accelerate past the planning stage and overcome the complexity of initial design and plan implementation. Digitunity provides expert guidance and in-depth support to help clients launch and operationalize their digital initiatives more effectively

Implementation and Achieving “Run State”

State and local broadband offices and digital equity teams are, in many cases, under-resourced. To meet digital equity plan goals and objectives, Digitunity can be engaged to provide light-touch guidance and support or hands-on implementation work with dedicated staff and resources.

Evaluation, Reporting, and Continuous Improvement

Digitunity is uniquely qualified and equipped to support each client’s ongoing evaluation, reporting, and continuous improvement efforts. Much will be learned along the way, and policies and programs will have to be adjusted to fit the realities that will prevail.

Areas of Focus

As states, regions, and localities implement digital equity plans, many will need support on specific tasks, initiatives, or areas of focus. Digitunity is prepared to support each client’s unique needs. Digitunity’s work focuses on five critical and practical areas that must be addressed to meet residents’ ongoing device needs.

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Generation of a Robust and Sustainable Supply of Devices

Free and low-cost devices for qualified residents can be generated through a variety of methods of donation and procurement. Digitunity helps clients establish a consistent device pipeline and optimize the entire supply system.

Distribution and Logistics

Digitunity offers guidance on ensuring the efficient transportation of devices from their source to preparation sites and deployment partners.

Device Preparation

In order to ensure successful adoption, devices must be properly configured and paired with the necessary accessories before deployment. Digitunity has deep knowledge and expertise regarding the preparation of both new and previously used devices.


To ensure devices reach residents effectively, it is essential to develop, vet, and train a network of trusted community organizations and anchor institutions to serve as deployment sites. Digitunity has unique expertise to draw upon with its 1,600+ member practitioner network.

Ecosystem Health

A robust device ecosystem requires ongoing evaluation, monitoring, and adjusting. Continuous community feedback is essential in identifying what’s working, challenges, and system improvement. Digitunity can help.

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