Advocating for Change

Working to Advance Policies that Support Device Ownership

An Independent, Important National Voice

Digitunity works to advance policies and practices that support digital equity by building public awareness, advocating for legislation that expands device ownership, and voicing support for the efforts of peer organizations. A prime example of Digitunity’s advocacy work is the Computers for Veterans and Students Act (COVS Act)

Digitunity and members of the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse, support this landmark legislation that helps close the digital divide. President Joe Biden signed the COVS Act into law in January 2023This law directs out-of-service, repairable computers from the federal government to nonprofit refurbishers. 

Participating refurbishers then repair and distribute these devices, along with digital literacy resources, to educational institutions, veterans, people with disabilities, low-income individuals, students, and seniors. We believe directing repairable large-screen devices from the federal government to refurbishers serving their communities provides a common-sense way to close the technology gap, especially when the need for free or low-cost devices is simply staggering.

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