New Identity Embraces Device Ownership as the Heart of Digital Equity

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NORTH CONWAY, NHJanuary 18, 2021 – National Cristina Foundation, a nationally-recognized non-profit organization in the digital inclusion space, today announced the organization’s brand expansion to Digitunity. The expansion includes a new name, logo, website, mission statement, and values, signaling the organization’s leadership in the movement to eliminate the digital divide for 36 million Americans without a computer.

Device ownership is the heart of digital equity and the key to unlocking opportunity, particularly for those most marginalized. Digitunity has sourced and placed hundreds of thousands of computers with people in need since their founding in the mid-1980s. However, the depth and persistence of the technology gap, especially in light of COVID-19, has increased the urgency to attack the issue in bold new ways. 

Digitunity’s unique approach to solving this issue is through its Digital Opportunity Network, a growing cross-sector network of over 1,500 businesses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals working collectively to eliminate the technology gap. The network includes 88 nonprofit technology refurbishers in the organization’s AFTRR program, the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse.

Planned program expansion includes research, knowledge-sharing, resource development, digital skills education, workforce development, redeployment of used technology, advocacy, and more. All work serves to expand the supply of low cost and no-cost computers available to marginalized populations, and to foster connections and collaborative work within the network that enables impact to be made.

Digitunity is a name that truly represents what we do and will allow us to grow into new mission areas as we look into the future of rapidly emerging technologies.
- Susan Krautbauer

“Our network and programs provide anyone committed to digital inclusion an opportunity to connect, share, learn, and take action, both nationally and locally,” said Executive Director Scot Henley. “Despite how far we’ve come, however, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Digital equity is a civil rights issue. The injustices that the digital divide inflicts on people are worthy of outrage, and an urgent, societal response is required. We remain steadfast in our focus on ensuring digital equity and eliminating the technology gap. Our new name embodies both our commitment to this critical work and the opportunities that device ownership unlocks.”

“Our new brand symbolizes continuous growth and innovation,” said Senior Director, Strategy and Development Susan Krautbauer. “Digitunity is a name that truly represents what we do and will allow us to grow into new mission areas as we look into the future of rapidly emerging technologies.”

Organizations, individuals, and donors interested in joining the mission to end the technology gap can learn more at

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