Why Donate Computers Infographic

Technology is a powerful tool for change.

“The 800 screen donation made a significant impact in bridging the digital divide. That donation not only supported the mission of Digitunity, but also supported the nonprofit organizations they work with in their local communities.”
~ Kyle Henderson, Marketing & Communications Manager, PLANAR

According to a recent Pew Research Study, 43% of low-income households, an estimated 15.2 million people, are without a desktop or a laptop computer in the United States alone.

When you donate your used computers through Digitunity, you change the lives of people. You make a difference by opening opportunities to education, jobs, and connection.

Just one computer can:

  • Give a student access to education and turn it into a job that takes their family out of generational poverty.
  • Help an unemployed person pursue a new business or career path.
  • Ensure an older adult is less lonely and isolated.
  • Provide access to telehealth.
  • Allow a refugee to learn essential workplace skills to support their family.
  • Change the life of a veteran by interrupting the cycle of homelessness and poverty through digital education, training, and resources.
  • Give a person with disabilities the chance to make an income without being limited to physical labor.

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