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Now is the Time to Develop Sustainable Device Solutions

Digitunity is uniquely suited to assist states, cities, and coalitions with the development of sustainable solutions to ensure free or affordable computers are available for residents.

The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will dramatically expand broadband infrastructure, access, and adoption over the next several years. It is a giant step forward for advancing digital equity. However, connectivity is just one part of the equation.

To utilize this expansion of infrastructure, a robust supply of free and low-cost computers must be available to marginalized people across the country. At this historic “broadband moment,” devices cannot be an afterthought.

While federal infrastructure funds will connect millions of previously disconnected households, the solution to expanding device ownership is more complex. Thanks to this landmark investment, cities and states have a unique opportunity to create lasting change.

A Sustainable Solution

The solution to expanding device ownership must go far beyond simply purchasing computers with federal funds.

Instead, forward-thinking states, cities, and coalitions must create a sustainable “device ecosystem” that enables everyone to obtain a computer, now and in the future.

Previously used technology, repurposed for community support, can make owning a computer more attainable for more people.

Expert, Timely Guidance

Digitunity is uniquely suited to assist states, cities, and coalitions with the development of sustainable device ecosystems.

An independent, national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing digital equity through device ownership, Digitunity has specific, highly applicable experience with procurement, supply chain, software, hardware, peripherals, distribution, support, security, and community engagement.

Digitunity’s methodology for sustainable device ecosystems is in use in 10 cities right now. We are expanding to others soon.

10 Recommendations for State & Local Digital Equity Plans

Creating digital equity plans is a complex endeavor all states and territories must complete.

Digitunity has created 10 recommendations for states, municipalities, and coalitions to consider when developing their plans.

Digitunity Advisory Services

Digitunity’s framework for sustainable systems to advance device ownership is in action in cities across the country.

Uniquely suited to support digital equity plan design and implementation, we stand ready to advise and collaborate on this important work.

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