Millions of people face barriers to opportunity because they don’t have a computer.

We are Making Computer Ownership
Possible for Everyone

Unique Solutions to a Deep, Complex Problem

Helping States and Communities Bridge the Digital Divide

We believe everyone who needs a computer should have one, and that device ownership is the heart of digital equity. Possessing a functioning, connected computer and the skills to use it productively is a basic, fundamental need in today’s society.

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36 million Americans do not have a computer at home, and tens of millions of households do not have enough computers to allow for concurrent use by multiple family members. Individuals in these non-deviced or device-deficient households are often unable to access education, telehealth, and employment. Digitunity is a national nonprofit organization working to make sure that everyone who needs a computer has one. Get involved by donating computers and technology today.

Donation Facilitation

Institutions of all sizes turn to Digitunity to facilitate their donation of retired laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, and tablets to trusted, pre-qualified nonprofit organizations supporting communities across the country.

Advising and Consulting

Digitunity is the nation's foremost expert resource for developing and implementing strategies to address the device needs of people impacted by the digital divide. This is complex work; we can help.

Changing the Future

The digital divide has been with us for decades and continues to be a barrier to success for millions in our country. Device ownership is the key that unlocks vast opportunity. Let’s work together to get computers to everyone in need.



You can make a difference in someone’s life.


We all do better when we work together.


A network of stakeholders focused on finding solutions.

How can you take action?

Donate technology.
Donate financially.
Donate expertise.

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Get qualified to receive donated equipment.

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