Digital Navigators and the Device Divide: Community Voices from Seven U.S. Cities

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How can government policy handle digital inequalities?

Digital Navigators are currently part of a post-pandemic landscape in the United States where there is increased widespread interest in digital equity, and they have responded by participating in digital inclusion activities such as digital navigation training – specific skills training that focuses on knowledge and strategies that help members of their community subscribe to home broadband affordably, acquire large-screen computers such as laptops and tablets, and learn foundational as well as more advanced digital skills – that enable people to more fully participate in our modern world.


The need for computers and tablets was further emphasized by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and elevated as an issue of critical concern during the throes of the global health crisis which necessitated the use of large-screen devices along with the digital skills required by people of all ages to live, work, learn, and access essential goods and services.


The purpose of this small-scale qualitative research study was to explore the experiences of Digital Navigators and their computer procurement efforts for asset-limited people, to understand their challenges with obtaining affordable large-screen devices, and gather insights for how to improve the overall process of affordable device procurement.


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