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Discover How your Organization Can Make an Impact on the Issue of Digital Equity

Digital Equity and Corporate Social Responsibility

The digital divide has devastating effects on our communities. It’s a civil rights issue that is worthy of significant corporate attention. Advancing digital equity ensures that tens of millions of people have the opportunity to participate in our digitally-connected society. Technology reuse helps protect the environment. And supporting Digitunity can have tax benefits. Businesses looking for a true triple bottom line win can help by focusing time, effort and resources on advancing digital equity.

Good for People and the Environment

Technology reuse prevents the wasting of valuable resources and extends a computer’s lifespan, keeping hazardous materials out of our environment. Digitunity’s refurbisher partners offer top notch services and security and do social good.

Human Benefits and Tax Benefits

Contributing retired desktops, laptops and peripherals to help those in need is an act that has immense human impact. It may also have significant tax benefits as well, potentially exceeding the value of selling equipment. Our team can help find a meaningful new home for your corporate IT assets.

Community Involvement

The digital divide persists in communities coast to coast. Digitunity can help businesses create a positive community impact by identifying pre-qualified local organizations to receive corporate donated technology.

Corporate Culture & Talent Recruitment

Companies that prioritize community support can improve employee morale and boost talent recruitment. Top performers want to work for organizations that consistently give back to the places where they do business and live.

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Donate Your Technology

Give your equipment a second life.

Corporate Giving

Corporate financial support will help eliminate the technology gap.

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