For Individuals

Digital Equity is a Civil Rights Issue that Demands Attention

In today's society, having a connected computer and the skills to use it productively is a basic need. It's also a gateway to opportunity.

Device ownership is the heart of digital equity. Those in households without a computer available are missing opportunities for employment, education, health, civic engagement and more. Imagine if you were…

  • In third grade, but unable to participate in remote learning.
  • In financial distress, but unable to file for unemployment or apply for jobs.
  • In pain, but unable to have a virtual visit with a doctor.

Computers for Everyone

We believe everyone who needs a computer should have one. We must collectively act to remove barriers to device ownership. That means establishing and advancing a national strategy for increasing the supply of no cost or low-cost devices, and a comprehensive approach to ensuring that devices and related supports get to individuals and families in need.

You Have a Role to Play

The digital divide is not a simple thing to solve. It’s the result of a wide array of socioeconomic, geographic, political, and demographic factors. There are many amazing organizations working to eliminate barriers to internet access and promote digital skills development. Digitunity is laser-focused on device ownership, and you can help in three key ways: device donations, financial contributions, and network participation.

Donate Your Computer

Your used, working computer has the power to help someone in need reach their full potential. We can help you easily find a nearby organization to receive it and put it right to work.

Contribute Financially

Digitunity works in numerous ways to eliminate the technology gap. We facilitate product donations, we advocate for change and build public awareness, and power a national network of stakeholders creating local impact. And there’s much more to come. Your tax-deductible gift helps advance this important work.

Join the Conversation

The Digital Opportunity Network is made up of individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, refurbishers, government agencies, and like-minded individuals united by the shared goal of closing the digital divide. We invite you to join us. Together, we can solve this.

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