Purpose of the Pledge

Working Together to Change the Future

It’s no longer a luxury. This is serious. It’s really a social justice issue. It’s a 21st century civil rights issue.
– Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner, deputy director of strategic initiatives at the Kansas City Public Library

The Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide

The Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide is a call for organizational leadership in business, government, education, philanthropy, and community to join Digitunity and our national collective of nearly 1,500 frontline, community-level organizations in the effort to close the digital divide. By aligning the passion and dedication of digital inclusion organizations with the support and collective voice of organizations of influence, we can elevate this issue and create lasting impact across the United States.

Because of the very nature of this complex issue, we believe that fostering collaboration and relationships between entities throughout the community – businesses, service providers, community leaders, volunteers, government representatives, academics, and the media – is a critical step toward creating an inclusive future that will sustain job growth and ensure that underrepresented and marginalized people have access to the technology they need to thrive in today and tomorrow’s digitally-connected society.

The Four Pillars of the Corporate Pledge

Access to Technology

It is critical for every person to have access to secure, reliable, and connected large-screen devices to work, learn, and develop the skills necessary to thrive in today’s digitally-connected society.

Digital Skills and Education

Digital skills are critical, not only for the workforce of tomorrow, but for the workforce of today as well. For education, finance, employment, telehealth, communications, security, community, efficiency, and so much more, digital literacy is fundamental.

Community Engagement & Impact

Solving the digital divide is not a top-down issue, it requires granular, person-to-person, bottom-up work. Those in need benefit most from engaged people and organizations in their communities, and systems need to be built to enable and sustain impact.

Achieving Change

There is a direct line from racial inequity to poverty, and poverty to the digital divide. Communities of color are disproportionately impacted by the digital divide and the corporate sector is a critical partner in engaging in innovative solutions that will have broad societal benefits.

Strategic Leadership Drives Change


of people say business can be a force for positive social and environmental change.

Enso’s 2018 World Value Index


of people believe that CEOs should take the lead on change.

2019 Edelman Trust Barometer


People are optimistic that as companies begin to address social justice issues, we will see real change.

Porter Novelli’s 2021 Business & Social Justice Study

We must work together to ensure the digital divide is eradicated and eliminated from all our infrastructures, culture, and relationships. The problem is complex. No single organization can change this alone.  

Each organization who commits to the Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide will be:

  • Provided ongoing opportunities for active participation and engagement that help bolster desired outcomes.
  • Receive access to a variety of tools, resources, research, and thought-leadership opportunities.
  • Recognized by name and organization on the Corporate Pledge website. 
  • Included in a quarterly press release announcing the new organizations who join.
  • Featured in promotional and media campaigns to promote overall participation and adoption.

We are thrilled with the broad leadership commitment from business, government, philanthropy, and community to join us in taking action and driving progress that positively impacts the work of digital inclusion. We look forward to welcoming additional organizations to the Pledge throughout the coming months.

Together, we can move beyond incremental change. We can create a future where everyone can thrive in education, employment, and connectedness in our digitally-connected society.

We invite you to sign the Pledge today.

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