Why The Right to Repair Movement Matters

right to repair movement

The right to repair movement is made up of a diverse group of advocates.

What is the Right to Repair Movement?

Right to repair is a movement dedicated to safeguarding the right of consumers to repair their devices, whether personally or with the help of a trusted technician. Repair is legal under copyright law as determined by the US Copyright Office.

However, tech manufacturers use a variety of techniques to prevent repair outside their control. These include denying access to parts and manuals and threatening consumers over their warranties, which is considered a violation of federal warranty law.

Right to repair advocates hope to pass legislation to ensure consumers can fix devices. This resource provides information about the right to repair movement and how it impacts people and the environmentRegister below. Then, click the download button to receive this resource.

Download the Resource, “Why The Right to Repair Movement Matters”

right to repair movement resource

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