The Network

A Community of Stakeholders United to Solve the Digital Divide

The Digital Opportunity Network℠ is made up of a wide array of people and organizations who share the goal of eliminating the technology gap.

1,500 members and growing, the Network includes individuals, nonprofit organizations, government, schools, and corporations, unified by the shared belief that everyone who needs a computer should have one. It’s a national approach that yields local results.

Laser-Focus on Device Ownership

Device ownership is the heart of digital equity and the key to unlocking opportunity. Digitunity has been working to get computers to those in need since the mid-1980s, placing hundreds of thousands of computers since our founding. However, the depth and persistence of the technology gap and the urgency of the need drove us to attack the issue in a bold new way.

Landscape research conducted in 2020 by Digitunity and Collective Mind identified a need for a comprehensive national strategy to address device ownership. Using a network approach, Digitunity is bringing together cross-sector stakeholders and creating the space for collaboration, sharing, learning, and innovation.

Why a Network Approach?

A network approach offers the ability to achieve impact through collective action by harnessing the capacities of members and partners. The Digital Opportunity Network℠ creates opportunities for a diversity of actors to work together to eliminate the technology gap.

Feedback from Digitunity’s community verifies that the need for devices and support, and the myriad challenges that go along with that, remain significant issues for practitioners and communities

The Power of a Network

The Digital Opportunity Network℠ works to unblock and create the channels and pathways to achieve digital equity in device access and related areas; by coordinating and attracting actors of all sizes to do more together. Digitunity is its steward. The Network harnesses the influence, voices, and capacities of members to contribute to the network’s shared purpose - eliminating the technology gap.

Networks bridge the interests, impact, and reach of their memberships to have an impact that is greater than the sum of its parts. A network’s strength lies in its membership, which brings diverse expertise, capacities, and resources to bear in pursuit of a shared purpose through participative processes and structures.
- Collective Mind
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