Community Pathways

Building Sustainable Device Ownership and Support Solutions

In communities across the country, passionate people and dedicated organizations are working independently to help people who are marginalized get a connected device, along with the skills and support to use it productively.

We believe that coordination of these disparate resources, along with deeper community involvement, and increased participation by diverse stakeholders, will result in effective, lasting solutions. Device ownership is the heart of digital equity, and no one should be left behind. Through collaboration and coordination at the city, county and national level, we can close the technology gap.

The COVID-19 crisis exposed two key issues at the core of the digital divide: First, millions of individuals and families do not have a connected computer at home and second, there is a lack of coordination among local resources for digital inclusion services in cities nationwide. Together with communities, we’re working to solve those problems.
- Scot Henley, Executive Director, Digitunity

Community by community, we’re working to grow sustainable systems that ensure anyone who needs a computer has one. We’re taking a six-pronged approach to this work:

  • Increase the supply of no cost and low-cost computers in communities
  • Position technology reuse at the center of the solution
  • Drive local business, government, and philanthropic engagement
  • Cement relationships between device providers and front-line community organizations
  • Recruit and involve local ambassadors to champion the work and share knowledge
  • Establish and promote a clear pathway for individuals and families to obtain devices and related supports

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