Digitunity Launches Video Series Examining the Digital Divide

Digital Divide Video Series

"Pressing On: In Pursuit of Digital Equity" examines the effects of the technology gap on youth, older adults, veterans, and other marginalized people.

Over 36 million Americans don’t have a computer at home, which limits their access to education, healthcare, and other resources. Digitunity, a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing digital equity through device ownership, has launched a YouTube series, “Pressing On: In Pursuit of Digital Equity”, that spotlights those affected by the digital divide and explores possible solutions.

Digitunity connects donations of computers with people who need them through a nationwide network of community partners. The organization’s research and nearly four decades of experience show that the digital divide disproportionately affects lower-income individuals, older adults, rural communities, veterans, and military families. 

"We're presenting stories from across America of students trying to succeed in school, workers training for better jobs, patients connecting with their doctors, and the organizations working to get these individuals what they need. Digitunity's mission is to narrow the digital divide."

In collaboration with its cornerstone partners, including Alliant Credit UnionAVID ProductsOnepak, and CompTIA, Digitunity plans to release a new “Pressing On” video on its YouTube channel every Sunday evening through early 2023. In the opening video, Dennis Devine, president and CEO of Alliant Credit Union, outlines the “Corporate Benefits of Partnering with Digitunity.”

Alliant is a not-for-profit financial cooperative and one of the nation’s largest credit unions. It was the first partner to sign Digitunity’s Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide. Devine notes that, this past year, more bank branches have closed in the U.S. than ever in the history of banking. This is why it is critical for everyone to have digital access to financial information. 

As a digital financial institution, we approach bridging the digital divide as a unique opportunity and make it part of our mission. We understand the importance of equitable digital access.

Therefore, we've committed our resources and our team's talents to digital equity. Alliant also has a Foundation with the mission to enhance the communities we serve and support our digital equity efforts.

Digitunity's "Pressing On" series covers topics including:

  • Digital Inclusion & Equity
  • Digital Literacy 
  • Workforce Development
  • Computer Access for People with Disabilities
  • Upward Mobility for Youth
  • Technology Access, Health, & Wellness for Older Adults
  • The Impact of Digital Inequity on Veterans

Since Digitunity’s inception, hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from its efforts. Its perspective has been shaped by decades of experience creating local impact through the benefit of a national lens. As an independent, national nonprofit focused on advancing digital equity through device ownership, Digitunity is unique in the digital inclusion landscape. 

Having a connected computer and the skills to use it productively is a fundamental need. The issue of the digital divide persists across all boundaries. Digitunity remains committed to eliminating the technology gap so everyone can thrive in our digitally connected society. Learn more here.

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