Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Audio Enhancement

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A new report examines the role of audio enhancement in education, healthcare, and other applications.

As multimedia experiences become more common in our digitally-connected society, the importance of immersive, clear, noise-free audio will become increasingly important for everyone. Digitunity, a non-profit organization committed to ending the digital divide, with the support of award-winning audio solution provider AVID Products, has released a commissioned report titled “The Crucial Role of Audio Enhancement in Learning & Health” on the role of audio enhancement in education, healthcare, and other applications. 

"Digitunity operates on the belief that device ownership is the cornerstone of digital equity. However, it is just part of the digital equity equation. This report clearly defines the need for audio enhancement as one of the many key hardware and software essentials that enable the productive use of a computer."

The report is written by Richard West, a professor at Brigham Young University and an expert in using emerging technologies in education. The report examines how audio enhancement can be used in settings such as healthcare and education, and provides recommendations to businesses, nonprofits, and others who support digital equity on how they can incorporate audio enhancement in their work. 

Digitunity’s research shows how it is imperative to provide computers to the 36 million people in the United States who don’t have one, in order to connect them to educational and economic opportunities. However, the new report shows computers alone often are not enough. Audio devices like headphones, speakers, and other similar peripherals, greatly enhance individuals’ experience using a computer.

"Audio is an underappreciated primary sense. It has the ability to open the door to opportunity on a variety of levels. Audio transcends many aspects of our everyday lives, allowing us to connect with one another, and with ourselves, through music, entertainment, and information. Providing tools that aid in delivering sound to anyone, anywhere, anytime is our mission."

AVID is one of the cornerstone partners of Digitunity’s Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide. They also offer audio products to Digitunity’s Digital Opportunity Network members at a discount from the list price. These projects are among many that the two organizations partner on in the quest to improve digital equity across the US.

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