2024 AFTRR
Conference Schedule


Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 5th Floor, Salon A, 1200 Filbert St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Monday, February 12th, 2024

8AM – Doors Open

8:30AM – Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Scot Henley – Executive Director, Digitunity
  • Angela Thi-Bennett – Digital Equity Director, NTIA

9AM – Learnings from the Field

This session will offer a unique look at what can be achieved through intentional partnership and collaboration at the state and local level, even amidst competing interests and complex challenges. Panelists will discuss the ways in which the city of San Diego and the state of North Carolina are engaging nonprofit refurbishers, and how refurbishers are collaborating to meet the needs of residents.


  • Kelsey Baird – Digital Equity Lead, Department of Information Technology, City of San Diego
  • Cheri Pierre – CEO, Computers 2 Kids
  • Pat Millen – Founder and President, E2D – Eliminate the Digital Divide
  • Cyndy Yu-Robinson – Executive Director, Kramden Institute
  • Maggie Woods – Deputy Director, N.C. Office of Digital Equity and Literacy  
  • Moderator: Scot Henley – Executive Director, Digitunity

10AM – DEA and BEAD Federal Funding Session

Ahead of federal implementation funding made possible via the Digital Equity Act (DEA) and Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) programs, this session will explore strategic ways to actively engage, collaborate, and position non-profit refurbishers for participation in state grant programs. Panelists will provide guidance around proactive planning and collaboration with an emphasis on mutually beneficial partnerships.


  • Michael Abensour – Chief Impact Officer, Compudopt
  • Oneisha Freeman – Digital Connectivity Manager, Georgia Technology Authority
  • Drew Garner – Director of Policy Engagement, Benton Institute
  • Moderator: Karisa Tashjian – Sr. Director of Programs, Digitunity

11AM – Municipal Partnerships Panel 

Many AFTRR members are engaged in fruitful partnerships with local municipal offices. This panel discussion will spotlight these partnerships, offering insights on collaborative models and the tangible benefits these collaborations can bring.


  • Jess Ross – Executive Director, Austin Free-Net
  • Andy Stutzman – Executive Director, Next Century Cities
  • James Jack – Executive Director, Human I-T
  • Moderator: Allison Strobel – Program Manager, HR&A Advisors

12PM – Lunch Session – GSA Speaker

A lunch and learn session featuring Bill Garrett, Director of Personal Property Management Policy at the US General Services Administration (GSA). The session is designed to offer an overview of the recently passed Computers for Veterans and Students Act and the work being done to operationalize the program. An open Q&A session will follow.

1PM – Deploying Technology to Covered Populations

This session is focused on identifying the technology needs of local communities, with a special emphasis on the specific “Covered Populations” identified in the DEA and BEAD programs. Panelists will discuss outreach strategies and how to tailor technology solutions to meet the unique needs of community members.


  • Dylan Zajac – Founder & Executive Director, Computers 4 People
  • Morgan Hostettler – Partnerships & Programs Manager, Interconnection
  • Nagia Khaldi Kurabi – Community Outreach & Student Success Manager, Computer CORE
  • Moderator: Sonia Dhawan – Program Officer, Digitunity

1PM – Participating in Local Digital Equity Coalitions

AFTRR members have a big role to play in the larger digital equity space, and this panel will highlight organizations currently working with digital equity coalitions in their communities, along with the benefits/opportunities that come with it.


  • Christine Carr-Barmasse – Executive Director, Mission Ignite
  • Ashley Martinez – Manager of Digital Equity, Free Geek
  • Dave Sevick – Executive Director, Computer Reach
  • Moderator: Nirvan West – Program Officer, Digitunity

2PM – Device Distribution Models 

This session is dedicated to the diverse deployment mechanisms used across the AFTRR community for getting devices out to Covered Populations. A wide range of models will be discussed, from traditional storefronts to online sales platforms, lotteries, community organization collaborations, and distribution events.


  • Andy Green – Program Manager, Inspiredu
  • Amy Zurita – Manager of Computer Training and Access, People’s Resource Center
  • Moderator: Julie Morris – Executive Director, Interconnection 

2PM – Fundraising

A deep-dive on fundraising in the AFTRR context, exploring revenue generation via grants, individual donations, and philanthropic partnerships.


  • Kate Rivera – Executive Director, Technology Learning Collaborative
  • Dwindell Feeley – Manager of Development & Customer Experience, Free Geek
  • Candice Schaefer – Chief Development Officer, Compudopt
  • Moderator: Scot Henley – Executive Director, Digitunity

3:15PM – Un-Conference Session

Participants will list topics of interest for further discussion throughout the day. This session is dedicated to peer to peer learning, where attendees share their questions and knowledge on a particular topic, driven by the most popular suggestions made by the AFTRR community.

4:30PM – Closing Remarks

  • Scot Henley – Executive Director, Digitunity

5:30PM – Reception for all AFTRR members

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