Digitunity to Participate in Patterson Foundation Workshop

Patterson Foundation Workshop

The Digital Access & Devices workshop explores how to scale digital inclusion work domestically and internationally with corporate and nonprofit partners.

Owning a large-screen device, such as a computer or tablet, is the foundation of digital equity. Giving individuals and communities access to a steady supply of free or low-cost large-screen devices helps to close the digital divide. This idea drives the work of Digitunity, a national nonprofit organization with over 40 years of experience in advancing digital equity through device ownership.

Because of this experience in increasing digital access through devices, Digitunity’s executive director Scot Henley has been invited to participate in a Funder-to-Funder Workshop hosted by The Patterson Foundation in partnership with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading entitled “Digital Access and Devices.” The purpose of this workshop is to explore ways in which philanthropy can support expanding device ownership.

"By participating in the Patterson Foundation's workshop, we hope to demonstrate to corporate and philanthropic funders that by working collaboratively, it is within our reach to develop a lasting solution that makes it possible for residents in need to obtain affordable computers."

Digitunity’s mission is to close the digital divide. This is the challenge of 36 million Americans who do not have a computer at home and frequently reside in marginalized communities. These individuals often cannot access education, telehealth, and employment opportunities because they do not have a computer.

The Patterson Foundation strengthens the efforts of people, organizations, and communities by focusing on issues that address common aspirations, foster wide participation, and encourage learning and sharing. The Foundation’s values guide its approach to philanthropy, demonstrating its collaborative philosophy and tenets of change.

The Patterson Foundation’s Digital Access for All Initiative (DA4A) began with a multi-sector learning journey, exploring how thought leaders, government, businesses, and nonprofits operate and invest in digital access. After speaking to over 30 funders across the United States, the Foundation realized that funders struggle with decisions on how or whether to fund devices.

This latest workshop, which will be held virtually on Tuesday, January 31st, at 12:30 PM EST, explores how to scale digital inclusion work domestically and internationally with corporate and nonprofit partners. Those interested in this workshop can register here

Along with Henley, other participants include:

While funders continue to invest in organizations that provide low to no-cost computers to those in need, the need for devices disproportionately outweighs resources available to people, organizations, and communities. This workshop will address this concern and explore how funders could be best served by investing in systemic solutions rather than transactional ones. 

In today’s society, devices, like computers, have become essential to education, healthcare, civic engagement, economic development, and more. To learn more about the importance of device access for all, please visit Digitunity.org or download Digitunity’s report “The Importance of Large Screen Device Ownership” here.

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