Meet Alicia Mitchell

When one woman received the gift of technology, she used it to teach and encourage others. 

Understanding computers is a foundation on which one can add a new proficiency to their workforce skills. Digital literacy skills are an essential tool for progressing in one’s career. If people have basic computer skills, they open themselves to many opportunities.

Over the past year, Digitunity has partnered with AT&T and nonprofits in 10 cities across the United States to bring technology, digital literacy classes, and other support to students and families in these communities. During this time, we’ve heard many success stories from those who have participated in and benefitted from this project in various ways.

Alicia Mitchell
Alicia Mitchell, Program Trainer, Comp-U-Dopt

One such story is that of Alicia Mitchell, a program trainer with Comp-U-Dopt in Dallas, Texas. Her story began when she received a laptop and printer through the Comp-U-Dopt lottery system for herself and her two daughters. Obtaining this computer ultimately enabled Mitchell to devote herself full-time to a career helping people to use technology to pursue their own dreams.

Mitchell took classes through Comp-U-Dopt to learn various computer skills that she’d later teach to her own students. The program trainer who worked with Mitchell was so impressed with her positive attitude and willingness to learn that she hired her to work for Comp-U-Dopt in a similar role. Mitchell is now a wonderful program trainer with the organization. She teaches various technology classes to students enrolled in the programs hosted by Comp-U-Dopt.

At the start of her new position with Comp-U-Dopt, Mitchell took her newly learned skills in coding and shared that knowledge by teaching STEM and coding as a volunteer. She continued to work hard, attend meetings, and participate in training. She volunteered at events, further increasing her technology skills and knowledge of the organization.

Today, Mitchell connects with many students due to her own background of growing up without access to technology. She is able to relate with her students’ experiences. This, along with her knowledge of technology and ability to teach these skills, makes her an asset to Comp-U-Dopt. She is so successful in her role that her students describe her as “The Best Teacher In The World!”

About Comp-U-Dopt

Comp-U-Dopt was founded in 2007. Since then, their service offerings have grown to include high-quality, hands-on, project-based after school programming that aligns with high demand careers to equip students with the skills needed for jobs today and tomorrow.

The program serves to eliminate limited access to computers, facilitates growth in technical and digital literacy skills, and supports the future of youth and their communities. You can learn more about Comp-U-Dopt and their offerings here.

How You Can Help

Like Mitchell, if you’d like to get involved with an organization that is part of Digitunity’s Digital Opportunity Network, you can find the one nearest you here. This is also where you can arrange to donate a device to your local Digital Opportunity Network Member. Regardless of how you choose to contribute, your donations of time and resources are appreciated.

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